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Seed the spirit of creativity. Storytelling by doing.  Building new entertainment models. Combining technology with traditional theatre to create awe and wonder that is direct and personal. 

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Rituals for creatives

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HADES’ DANSE macabre


7 challenges, 7 stories, 7 ways to save the souls of trapped in Hades.  Are you up to it?

Look for it in Spring.

Creating art and a Art community for a new age

Creating new experiences for a new audience – Creating a new audience for new experiences

Adventurers, explorers, doers, active minds, the co-creators ToToCreate is building a place for you. A play space for your creative impulses to grow.    To be explored.  To be celebrated. 

workshops for a creative life 

There is no formula for a creative life. No play book. No Google query answer. There is just living it.  Finding your own rules and searching the things that work for you.

Rituals for Creatives are those things that have worked for other creatives.  Helped them become more in tune with thier muses, touchstones, north stars.  Rituals that trigger the intuitive gifts that brings the zone.  


Release what is inside you and it will save you. Keep it inside and it will destroy you.  


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Creative morning blast


River Park theatre

Every Wednesday in January

 10 am 

rituals for creatives


River Park theatre

Coming Soon


Hades’ danse MACABRE 


River Park theatre

Open May 5 



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ultimate haunted house

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a journey into belief


Seven Gifts

Experience the wonder


Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors




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